October 5, 2017

Decor • Custom Order • Decorative Pillow Covers

Made to Order • Decorative Pillow Covers

This custom order turned out awesome! The client provided all materials and I provided the labor and the invisible zippers, because covers with no zippers or some sort of a closure are pointless, right? I am so happy with the way this order turned out, the mix of patters between the fabric print and the tassel trim is amazing. Not to mention the size of the inserts 26" x 26" is my new favorite. The different shades of Blue are so nice to look at and it is definitely going to be a pop of color in the client's home. I invite all of you to call and make an appointment so I can make your own dream decorative pillows and help you bring your own touch of design to your home at a reasonable price. I will be more than delighted to help.

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